Washington, DC
professional team

Our Professional Volunteers

Shenelle Colbert

VP Finance | Cofounder | Advocate

Jessica Mimikos

Executive Assistant to the CEO | Advocate

Lynette Booker

Special Projects | Advocate

Shonna Jones

Housing Specialist Coordinator | Advocate

Our Partners

Survivor Founded. Survivor Led.

At every step, we integrate the experiences of Survivors. Founded and led by Survivors, Women’s HQ serves women of color who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault and are living in or transitioning from the shelter system in Washington, DC.  Survivors participate in culturally specific and relevant programming in creative expression and wellness, career enhancement, and strategic financial guidance tracks -all grounded in a human rights-based approach.
Women’s HQ aims to help Survivors uplift their voices, transform their lives, and disrupt cycles of poverty and systemic oppression and racism together.


What People Say About Our Company

We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.